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Adding Required Documents

If you have outlined any document requirements on the previous page, those should be added to this section to ensure that applicants must upload them before submitting. To add a requirement, click Add Requirement and select the Document Type from the dropdown menu. Set the Number Required, add an explanatory note if necessary, and click Save.

To add a recommended document that is not a hard requirement, first add it as above. When you click Save and return to the Required Documents page, click the pencil icon next to your requirement, edit the number to 0, and click Save. This will create a place for applicants to upload a recommended document, but will not prevent them from submitting their application if they choose not to.

 Please note that in order to request reference contact information from applicants, you should choose the Contact Reference document type and set the number required to 1. This will require applicants to submit one document that includes all of the reference information you have requested. If you are requesting letters be added upfront, choose Confidential Letter of Recommendation or Evaluation and set the number required to the total number of letters you are requiring.