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Setting Evaluation Criteria

For all UChicago searches, units are required to define criteria by which they will evaluate applicants. It is recommended that these criteria be entered into AR to better track evaluations as they are made. Fr more information, see “Establish clear screening criteria” in the policy guide.

You may skip this step if your search committee has not yet established its criteria, but criteria must be established either within or outside of the AR module before the search committee begins reviewing applications.

To enter evaluation criteria, click the Add Criterion button. You will be prompted to enter the title of the criterion.

The text field allows for several dozen characters, so you can be detailed. Evaluators will be prompted to assign a rating of one to five stars for each criteria.

It is recommended that units set the search for ‘blind review,’ which means an evaluator will only be able to see ratings they assign and not individual ratings assigned by other evaluators. Check the Blind Review box to enable this feature. Click Save & Continue.

For more information on custom ratings criteria and/or blind review, visit Establish Custom Ratings Criteria and/or Set Up a Blind Review.