Academic Career Activities

The Academic Career Activities module is designed to collect academic activity data for academic use in CVs and biosketches, collection and internal reporting of work achievements, accreditation and compliance reporting.

Academic Career Activities also incorporates Dossier Institution, a private and portable document repository that gives each academics member their own account where they can collect and curate academic materials. Academics can easily share materials from this module into the review and promotion process, and their private dossier will stay with them throughout their career.

What’s Changing:

  • The University does not have a campus-wide system for academic data at this time, so for many units this will be a completely new tool. Units that have built their own academic data systems can discuss their unique data transition needs with the Provost’s Office.
  • Manual activity reporting processes can be done in a completely digital environment that contains features designed to reduce academic data input time (e.g. the ability to quickly clone repeated activity).
  • Some data will be auto-populated via integrations with UChicago systems such as Workday and the Academic Information System (AIS) for course information.
  • Academics can save time on producing and updating CVs and biosketches by exporting data in formats appropriate for a range of uses, including grant applications.