Review, Promotion and Tenure

Review, Promotion and Tenure is a module designed to accommodate nuanced, complex workflows around academic appointment, review, and tenure. It will provide academics a user-friendly, clear, secure space to submit the body of their work for the most sensitive and important decisions of their career, and allow units to conduct a variety of review processes that are specific to their programs.

What’s Changing:

  • The University does not have a campus-wide system for conducting review and promotion processes at this time, so this will be a completely new tool for academic units as well as central administration.
  • Manual processes such as collecting candidate documents into a shared Box folder or delivering tenure dossiers to the Provost’s Office will be able to happen via a secure online tool, saving time and effort.
  • Digital workflows will allow various levels of escalating committee review within departments, divisions, and other units, with letters of recommendation smoothly and confidentially integrated into the process.
  • The system will also help increase transparency and fairness in promotion processes by providing a space to give candidates clear instructions and tools to build their review packets, and by giving units the ability to standardize and automate their processes.