Academic Recruitment

The Academic Recruitment module is designed to run complex, efficient academic searches in a shared governance context, provide incoming academic candidates a professional introduction to the institution, and provide committees a secure, organized digital space for review. It is tailored to fit the nuances of the academic hiring process and supports the hiring of both faculty and Other Academic Appointees (OAAs).

What’s Changing:

  • Academic Recruitment will replace the University’s current hiring system, Academic Career Opportunities (ACO). There will be a period of transition for in-progress searches, after which all new searches will be launched in the new module.
  • Manual processes such as uploading candidate documents into a shared Box folder or printing documents for review can now be done in a private, shared committee review space within the online tool.
  • A variety of features – position statuses, application tags, ratings, etc. – will increase the ability of committees and administrators to easily filter large pools of applicants and move candidates through the process, saving valuable time.
  • Increased access to reporting features allow both individual academic units and diversity officers to improve the diversity of searches and achieve 100% EEO compliance.