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To help you navigate the search and screen process through AR, choose the user guide below that matches your needs.

Academic Recruitment - Guides on the Interfolio Website

Below please find instructions for using ARCs (Interfolio) to conduct Academic Recruitment. You will be leaving ARCS and going to the Interfolio Website.

The University of Chicago uses the Academic Recruitment (AR) module to help manage the search and screen process for academic jobs. Though Interfolio calls this module Faculty Search, UChicago uses it for recruitment of all faculty and other academic appointees. AR is not used for recruiting staff or student workers—if you are looking to post a non-academic job, please go to

The policies governing the academic search and screen process are maintained by the Provost’s Office and can temporarily be found at The policies are a living document and are updated as new policies are refined relative to the new software functionality. Questions about policies should be directed to Steve Gabel,

To help you navigate the search and screen process through AR, choose the user guide on the left that matches your needs.

For process questions not covered in the guides, please consult our Academic Recruitment FAQs. If you do not find the answer you need there, please contact

For technical questions about the system features and functionality, please contact or call (877) 997-8807.

These user guides only cover the basics of a search to get you started quickly. The full set of guides provided by Interfolio is available at Help for Interfolio Faculty Search or by clicking your name in the top right corner of the AR window and selecting Product Help. Be aware, however, that Interfolio’s guides will not have UChicago-specific recruitment information and may not reflect our institutional settings.

Please also note that this is a generalized approach to using the Academic Recruitment module. Your division, school, or other unit may have its own processes for creating a new position. As long as those processes conform to University search and screen policies, they will supersede any process guidelines provided here.