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Tagging Applications

There are many reasons why a unit might want to tag an application. Units who have large applicant pools or who want to leverage areas of expertise within their search committee will often use tags to assign applicants to a particular search committee member for the initial review. Tags can also be used to identify particular characteristics of an applicant or applicants (e.g., research focus) which can then help Administrators or Evaluators sort and/or assign them more easily. Both Administrators and Evaluators can assign tags.

To assign a tag, check the box next to one or more applicants and click the ‘Tag’ button in the toolbar. Select the tag you want to apply, or select ‘Add new tag’ to create a new one.

The tag will appear on the same row as the applicant’s name. Once tags are applied, you can filter the applicant list by tag by clicking the Filter button near the keyword search bar. For more information on tags, visit Use Tags to Mark and Sort Applications.