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Assigning Application Statuses

Only Administrators and Committee Managers can assign statuses. At various points during a search, the Administrator will need to assign and revise statuses to accurately reflect what is happening in the search. This information is then included in the Provost Dossier report that is submitted with each appointment case to the Provost’s Office.

To change the Application Status, select all the applicants who are still under consideration by clicking the check box next to the Applicant Name header and then click the Status button in the blue tool bar at the top right of the applicant list. From the drop down menu, select the applicant status option that best represents the phase of review the applicants are moving into.

The appropriate time to change Application Statuses is when you have completed a distinct phase of the review process, you have dispositioned and archived applicants who won’t be moving on (discussed below), and you are ready to move to the next phase of review. While you can retroactively apply application statuses at the end of a search, the system timestamps your changes and it may not be clear to the Provost’s Office that you went through a fair search process.

Assigning Disposition Codes

UChicago has created distinct disposition codes to identify why an applicant falls out of consideration (i.e., reason for rejection). These codes are necessary to meet federal reporting requirements and they are a mandatory part of the search and screen process. The UChicago disposition codes are set at the institutional level by the Equal Opportunity Programs Office.

To assign a disposition code to an applicant, go to the applicant list and check the box next to the applicant name(s). Click the Disposition Code button from the blue tool bar at the top right side of the applicant list. Select the disposition code the search committee has determined best represents the reason the applicant is falling out of consideration. If you selected multiple applicants, the disposition code will be applied to the batch. Repeat this process for all applicants falling out at the current stage of review.

Once you have completed assigning disposition codes for the current stage of the review process, click the additional options button (far right button in the blue tool bar) and select Archive.

Applicants who are archived will no longer appear on the applicant list. This makes the review process easier and more manageable for both the Evaluators and the Administrator. To view archived applicants or to unarchive an applicant, review the Interfolio guide at Archive or Unarchive an Application.