Accessing the System

Have a policy or process related question? Please contact us.

Have a specific question on using the system? In addition to resources here, Interfolio has a support line and detailed guides to help.

User Guide Menu

To help you navigate the search and screen process through AR, choose the user guide below that matches your needs.

Academic Recruitment - Guides on the Interfolio Website

Below please find instructions for using ARCs (Interfolio) to conduct Academic Recruitment. You will be leaving ARCS and going to the Interfolio Website.

Logging In

To log in, follow this link and use your CNet ID and password to log in: This direct link to the administrative dashboard cannot be bookmarked for repeat use due to the Shibboleth authentication feature. Please refer to the instructions for creating a permanent bookmark to our UChicago login page for assistance. Note that the administrative dashboard is the same link and login process for each type of user (Administrator, Committee Manager, Evaluator). What will differ is the content you see when you log in.

Adding New Users

For the most part, administrative staff in the academic units will already be in the system. If you are unable to log in, please contact your divisional/school/institute academic affairs personnel and ask them to verify you have been added. Your CNet-associated email address must be the one on your AR user account, as you will log in through the normal Shibboleth process.

Interfolio help for adding new users

When adding a new user, they must be given a user role and assigned to a specific unit. Without these choices, they will be added as an Evaluator with no assignment by default. More information on the user roles is below and at

Administrator – create, manage, and monitor searches at their assigned institutional level, or at units in the hierarchy below the unit they administer. They can also control settings and permissions for the units they administer. These are typically UChicago staff who are responsible for the academic search and screen process.

Committee Manager – supervise specific searches. Committee Managers can edit settings and statuses (if permissions allow), view reports, communicate with applicants, and evaluate applications. This is an optional role, and some divisions may dictate how it is used for their departments or other units.

Evaluators – are assigned to one or more search committees. Evaluators can view applications, add labels to applications, and if permissions allow, can add ratings and comments on applications. By default, all faculty and OAAs are added to the system with this role.

EEO Officer – This role is reserved for the Director of the Office for Affirmative Action at UChicago, as well as a strict list of additional EEO Officers they approve. Other units may not assign this role to anyone without express approval from the Director.

UChicago also has a small number of institutional administrators who can make large-scale changes to the system and provide a point of contact for feature requests. Please reach out to with issues like these.