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Set up the Search Committee

All faculty and OAAs have been pre-added to the AR module as users with the default Evaluator role. To add Evaluators to your search committee, click Add Member. The list of UChicago users will come up and you can search by name, unit, or email to locate a specific user. Once you locate the person you are looking for, click Add. Repeat this process until you have added all search committee members. Note that the system does not currently recognize searches for a full first and last name, so it is recommended you search by whichever term is most unique to find your user quickly.

To remove a search committee member, simply click the X. Otherwise, click Save & Continue. If you don’t see the faculty member or OAA you are looking for on the User list, you have the ability to add them. To learn more about how to add a user, please visit Add New Users – Faculty Search. Please also notify so that the Provost’s Office can determine why the user was not pre-added in the pull from Workday.